Massapequa, New York (November 5, 2014) – MontanaroLaw, P.C., has broadened its offerings of legal services to include motor vehicle traffic violations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Mark Montanaro the firm’s managing attorney gets phone calls each day about red light cameras, speeding violations, and the new school-zone speed cameras. Mr. Montanaro is well versed in the Vehicle and Traffic Laws of New York State. He not only aggressively defends his clients in traffic court, he provides clients with the highest level of personal attention, answering all their questions and communicating with them throughout the process. Making him a trusted resource for all your VTL matters.

MontanaroLaw helps its clients reduce the ramifications of traffic violation penalties from points, insurance increases, and statutory fees from the Driver Responsibility Assessment Program. The firm is usually able to accomplish objectives that otherwise might not be achievable without representation.

Mr. Montanaro says; “Clients hire us because of our ability to properly balance the severity of their Traffic Violation matters with the costs of representation. We offer affordable flat fees and we always let our clients know when we believe the costs of representation outweigh the likelihood of success. We are very realistic and upfront with our clients.”

We invite you to contact MontanaroLaw at 855-NYS-LAWYER | 855-697-5299 or visit our website at for more information on what we can do for you.