Whether you’re late for work or just eager to get someplace quicker, speeding causes a danger to others on the road. It’s one of the most common traffic violations. If caught speeding in New York, it typically results in fines of $150 to $600, depending on your speed.

If you reach more than six demerits on your license from speeding traffic violations, you will receive a Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA). This will cost you $100 every year for three years.

After three tickets in 18 months, you could face an automatic license suspension. Traffic violations add up quickly and can hurt your license, pocketbook, and driving privileges. If you have a traffic ticket that you need to be resolved, contact our legal team to discuss further steps to achieve this: (516) 809-7735.

Will My Ticket Get Dismissed?

Speeding tickets can get dismissed. For instance, if law enforcement did not gather enough information to convict you of a speeding ticket, your case might get rejected.

There’s also a chance for dismissal if the officer did not include specific details on the citation.

An attorney can also help you reduce your speeding ticket by negotiating with the prosecutor. Our legal team can represent you in court, challenge your ticket, and possibly change the outcome of your ticket.

To see if your ticket is eligible for dismissal, contact our legal team to discuss your traffic ticket violation. Call:(516) 809-7735.

What if I Don’t Pay My Speeding Ticket?

You risk losing your license, even with a first violation, if you don’t pay your speeding ticket.

However, if you pay your speeding ticket right away, this is considered pleading guilty. It will go on your record, and you will have to pay the maximum fines as listed on your citation.

With an experienced traffic attorney, you could get your charges dropped or receive a reduced sentence and fines. If you have a speeding ticket that you need to pay, contact our legal team to discuss possible alternatives. Call: (516) 809-7735.

Can a Lawyer Help Me Get Out of a Ticket?

When you speed and get a traffic ticket, you will face penalties, especially with repeat offenses. This includes fines and possible license suspension. Additionally, you will likely face higher insurance premiums.

An experienced lawyer that understands New York traffic law can represent you in court and negotiate with the court on your behalf. Having legal representation can increase your chances of success.

Our legal team is ready to fight your traffic violations in court. Schedule a free consultation with our legal team to discuss your possible case and how we can help. Contact: (516) 809-7735.