A will is a legal document that communicates your wishes clearly and effectively and outlines how you would like your assets distributed after death. If you die without a will, this is called “intestate.”

Without a will, your family will be subject to probate court and intestate laws, which define who your heirs will be. The court will likely disseminate your property among immediate family members, including your spouse, adult or minor children, adopted children, parents, siblings, cousins, and other family members.

If you don’t have family members, your estate will go to the state—from your property to retirement accounts to real estate. Contact our legal team to discuss creating a will to safeguard your future: (516) 203-1700.

What Goes into a Will?

To be valid, your will must be in writing, and you must be of sound mind. A choice reflects your final wishes, so you should name the people you want to inherit your belongings, a list of significant assets, a beneficiary to execute the will, and guardians for your minor children.

You can also include final considerations, such as your funeral arrangements and special requests.

A lot of decision-making goes into a will and estate planning. Our attorneys can help you consider all the potential legal avenues to plan your estate, from wills to trusts to guardianship agreements. We can help you execute your end-of-life goals.

Can I Exclude People from My Will?

You can choose to disinherit certain people in your will.

With immediate family members, especially children or parents, it’s essential to communicate your intentions and wishes. This includes notifying the person or people you want to exclude so it doesn’t surprise them later on.

An attorney can help you choose the correct language when disinheriting people in your will to lessen the chance of any confusion or contesting of your choice after you pass. Minor children are often protected from this, though you can disinherit your children, spouse, and other family members.

Will planning can be easy with the help of our law team. Contact us today to discuss your needs: (516) 203-1700.

How Can an Attorney Help Me Plan?

Creating a will or estate plan for your assets and minor children is how you can protect your children and legacy before you die.

Without a will, you won’t have a say in who cares for your kids or how your assets are distributed. This includes distant relatives or family members you would not have likely chosen.

Planning your estate is a bold choice to lessen the burden on your family and ensure your hard-earned assets and property are protected when you’re gone. Contact our legal team to help you through the step-by-step process when you need to create a will.

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